Yoga Stretches


Find Your Balance

When you come to class you will be welcomed into a safe environment. The classes are non-competitive. Modifications and adaptations are offered so everyone can experience the benefits of the practice. 

The classes start with a 'centering'. Taking a few moments to come together, appreciate that you've made it to the class and check-in with yourself - how you are at this moment.

Then follows a warm-up for the physical Yoga practice. The posture practice (asana) itself is enhanced by directing the awareness, often by using the breath. The class ends with a relaxation or guided visualisation.

Yoga improves flexibility and strength. That's not only at a physical level, we're talking energetic, emotional and spiritual. All levels.

It's common to arrive at class feeling frazzled or 'all over the place'. We often have too much to do, too many demands on our time and energy. You'll leave the class feeling calm, energised, stronger and in balance.  That's what Yoga does for you - read the testimonials or, better still, come to a class.