Hello, I'm Lesley. I'm an experienced Yoga Instructor. 

I've been teaching Yoga since qualifying with the British Wheel of Yoga in 1999 and have been a yoga practitioner since 1976. My goal is to spread the word of the amazing difference to your life practising Yoga will bring. I run classes and provide individual instruction in West Dorset and East Devon.

I'm a qualified 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs' specialised teacher and have worked for Unison providing advice on spinal health to care workers in adult residential care homes. I organised the Yoga Drop-in sessions for the first two years of the Bridport MindFest. I trained as a Pregnancy Yoga teacher with Wendy Teasdill.

My own practice has evolved over the years as I've learnt with different teachers from various schools of Yoga. I've learned with and from my students. Ageing and just living a life with its challenges and wonders have further deepened and evolved my Yoga experience. All of this informs my teaching.

 It's an honour and pleasure to teach Yoga. I enjoy adapting the classes to suit the individual needs. Yoga has something to offer everyone. My own Yoga practice has been my consistent friend, my 'go to' for support and strength.


For now ...

Two classes a week in West Dorset. Monday in Bridport, Tuesday in Charmouth.



West Dorset and East Devon

07789 492 043

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